My Album Launch for ‘Would It Be So Bad?’

NOVEMBER 20, 2015 by mgmusic

A few weeks ago i had the immense pleasure of playing at The Barber Shop here in Singapore for my album launch of Would It Be So Bad! I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who was able to make it down and support me and my opening act Khai. The launch was awesome! Drinks were flowing and people seemed to really enjoy the live music. I for one had a massive amount of fun and i feel so lucky to have had so many people coming to support me! That night I sold nearly all 50 of my CD’s and I’ve just purchased a new batch! So if anyone comes down to my upcoming gigs ill be selling them there on the spot. Also, you haven’t yet had a chance to have a look, my album is also on iTunes, Spotify and Soundcloud; so you can check it out whenever you want! Have a look at the links below for mine and Khais music! 

Thank you again everybody! Keep an ear out for more information about my gigs and other upcoming projects xoxo

Malaika 😉 

SoundCloud- Would It Be So Bad Full Album

Facebook Page


iTunes and Spotify: Would It Be So Bad by Malaika Green

Khai Ridzwan’s Music